Hello its Uridome. Although I was born in Barcelona I grew up in a sailor village near to Masnou.
 When I was a little boy I used to admire the David Hasselhoff’s short jacket and his fantastic car, the shootings and the persecutions of Miami Vice and the moustache of Tom Sellek in Magnum.
Between each show I locked up in my room “drumming” the walls with color pencils. The day I decided to clean that mess, my mother gave that long angst Hasselhoff jacket. When my first moustache hair came out, my grandma gave me money to buy a drum set. With the years I decided to bring that world of colors to the computer.
Now with a rock band, a girlfriend, 2 cats and a passion for motion graphics all I have is to wait what life has in stock for me.
Right now I work in Tmtfactory but I also collaborate with other studios as freelance.